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Allen & Allen Consulting, LLC - E-Rate Specialists
Allen & Allen Consulting specializes in providing consulting, compliance, and forms processing services to E-rate applicants and service providers.  We take the work and worry out of your E-Rate Program.
During recent years, we have helped our clients qualify for millions of dollars in Federal subsidies through the E-Rate Program, to the benefit of many thousands of students, often in the most impoverished neighborhoods in our communities. Our track record for successful applications, as a ratio of funds requested versus funds committed, is extremely high.
Why do I need an E-Rate Consultant?
The E-Rate application process is complex and can be intimidating. Many schools and libraries don’t have the resources they need to research the ever-changing E-rate eligibility rules, assemble documentation or keep up with the required filing deadlines. Consequently, many schools are not applying for the significant discounts to which they would be entitled under this program.
Even if the application process is completed as required, significant funds are often lost by schools because key forms were not submitted later in the process or discounts were not properly applied. It is estimated that billions of dollars in awarded E-Rate discounts have gone unclaimed since the program’s inception. With seasonally high workload, E-rate is not a one-time but a year-round job.
Filing for E-Rate discounts is like filing a tax form. Many of us hire CPAs to do our tax forms because we don’t know all the changes in tax laws or have the time to complete the paperwork --- not to mention having someone to represent us in an audit. Hiring an E-Rate Consultant is much the same. Someone who knows the eligibility rules, keeps up with deadlines, handles the paperwork, and represents you in Program Integrity Assurance Reviews, Selective Reviews or other reviews from the Schools and Libraries Division (SLD) program.

We are a member of the E-rate Management Professionals Association.
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